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Gulf Tobacco is a Distributor of Sobranie Cigarettes Brand, buying locally from their respective authorized distributors worldwide. We are offering Competitive Price for the Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers of Sobranie Cigarette Brand. We are supplying all Sobranie Cigarettes Varieties available with the local authorized distributors which are divided into Four Size, 100s, King Size, Super Slim and Nano.

Sobranie is a British Brand of Luxury Cigarettes, currently owned and Manufactured by Gallaher Group, a Subsidiary of Japan Tobacco International. Gallaher Group Tobacco Company, One of the Best Cigarette makers in Europe. This Cigarette Producer is Famous for its Qualitative Brands like Sovereign Cigarettes and Glamour cigarettes. It is well known in countries like Ukraine and Russia and has a Leading position in the International Tobacco markets.

Different Varieties Of Sobranie Cigarettes

Sobranie Black Russian
Sobranie White Russian
Sobranie Cocktail
Sobranie Menthol
King Size
Sobranie Gold
Sobranie Black
Sobranie Blue
Super Slims
Sobranie Super Slims Pinks 100’s
Sobranie Super Slims Whites 100’s
Sobranie Super Slims 100’s
Sobranie Blacks
Sobranie Golds
sobaranie black russian distributors

Sobranie Black Russian


Sobranie Black Russian is at the top of the totem pole- these fashionable cigarettes are un-matched in both style and taste. Wrapped in elegant black paper with a gold foil filter, their image alone tells others of your discriminating taste and fine judgment. You will find that you make a special impression when you smoke these luxury cigarettes when out on the town. Popular with both men and women, the Black Russians are the ideal choice when you have high standards in your smoking preferences.

sobranie cocktail distributors

Sobranie Cocktail


Sobranie produces several styles geared specifically for ladies, some slimmer than standard cigarettes and others brightly colored. Cocktails are five separate bright pastel shades with a gold foil filter, and are the same ring gauge as standard cigarettes, unlike Nat Sherman’s Fantasias, which are slimmer and use deeper, primary colors.

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