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Gulf Tobacco is a Distributor of Regal Cigarettes Brand, buying locally from their respective authorized distributors worldwide. We are offering Competitive Price for the Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers of Regal Cigarette Brand. We are supplying all Regal Cigarettes Varieties available with the local authorized distributors which are divided into Varieties.

Regal is a British brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by Imperial Tobacco. The brand became very popular and was a coupon cigarette until around 1999. They are classed as a “premium” brand cigarette and one of the most expensive available in the United Kingdom. Regal is available in king size and regular filter size. Regal are very popular in Scotland, Northern Ireland and in the north of England.

Regal has quite a large Filter Compared to other Cigarettes. Regal has a bit of a stronger flavor, It really is a great Taste it has a much better Flavor Compared to Other Cigarettes Brands.

Regal cigarettes became popular at the beginning of the last century due to their special tobacco mixture. Gulf Tobacco offers two varieties of Regal cigarettes.

Different Varieties of Regal Cigarettes

Regal Cigarette Varieties
Regal King Size
Regal Filter
1 Carton contain 10 Packs = 200 Cigarettes

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