L&M Cigarette Brand Distributors


Gulf Tobacco is a Distributor of L&M Cigarettes Brand, buying locally from their respective authorized distributors worldwide. We are offering Competitive Price for the Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers of L&M Cigarette Brand. We are supplying all L&M Cigarettes Varieties available with the local authorized distributors which are divided into Three Sizes, King, Super Slim and Extra Slim.

L&M Cigarettes are well known for their Exclusiveness and High Quality. Low price and smooth taste of L&M Cigarettes are great features for people who choose a mixture of Tobacco Cigarettes and an affordable price for them. Fine tobacco gives it a very original taste, absolutely different from other cigarettes. L&M Cigarettes are an Original American Tobacco Blend made of such quality sorts of Tobacco as Virginia, Oriental and Burley. The Rich taste of L&M Cigarettes turns this Brand into a Valuable Leader in the Tobacco market and the favorite Brand among different levels of smokers from around the world. The L&M Cigarette Brand is popular in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Asian countries.

Different Varieties of L&M Cigarettes

L&M Red – Full Flavor
L&M Blue – Lights
L&M Menthol
L&M Bold Menthol
Super Slim
L&M Link Red
L&M Link Blue
L&M Triple Mint
L&M Link Easy Stix
L&M Link Easy Stix Mint
Extra Slim
L&M Vibe 100 – Extra Slim
L&M X-Slims
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L&M Red – Full Flavor


L&M Red can be called a real boon for lovers of Strong Tobacco. The extraordinary Aroma and Full Flavor of these Cigarettes are achieved by a specially processed mixture of all main sorts of Tobacco. L&M Red earned the love of many smokers and became one of the Best-Selling flavors in the tobacco industry. However, because of the strong, harsh taste they are not recommended to first-time smokers. In Europe L&M is produced by Philip Morris International.

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L&M Blue - Lights


L&M Blue have always differed from the rest because of their wayward and sophisticated taste. L&M Blue has a nice taste and gives a surprisingly good buzz for a Light Cigarette. These cigarettes are also differences due to the subtle, fleeting aftertaste, which practically does not appear in other cigarettes, as well as a very High Quality of Tobacco used in their manufacturing. All this highlights L&M products among other brands.

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L&M Silver


At first, L&M Silver were popular in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Connoisseurs from the United States fell in love with them in the 21st century. These cigarettes have a peculiar taste that cannot be confused with other tobacco products. To smoke L&M is considered to be very stylish and modern. Elegant design, superior smoking qualities, and pleasant tobacco aroma – all this comes at a price affordable for different smokers groups.

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