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Gulf Tobacco is a Distributor of Davidoff Cigarettes Brand, buying locally from their respective authorized distributors worldwide. We are offering Competitive Price for the Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers of Davidoff Cigarette Brand. We are supplying all Davidoff Cigarettes Varieties available with the local authorized distributors which are sorted as King Size, Slim, Super Slim, ID, Magnum and Nano.

Davidoff is a Premium Cigarettes Brand manufactured by Imperial Tobacco. Davidoff Products are considered as a most Luxurious Tobacco Products in the World. The Blend used to make Davidoff Cigarettes is changeless from one year to another. It means that you will not feel any difference between a Cigarette produced in 2018 from one produced in 2020. The Fine taste of Davidoff Cigarettes is the result of more than 100 Years of Research in the field and without knowing Secrets of their Quality can hardly be recreated.

Different Varieties of Davidoff Cigarettes

King Size
Davidoff Classic
Davidoff Gold
Davidoff Lights
Davidoff Blue
Davidoff Menthol
Davidoff Slim Classic
Davidoff Slim Gold
Davidoff Slim Lights
Davidoff Slim Blue
Davidoff Slim One
Super Slim
Davidoff Super Slim Gold
Davidoff Super Slim Silver
Davidoff Super Slim White
Davidoff Super Slim One
Davidoff ID Blue
Davidoff ID Orange
Davidoff ID Ivory
Davidoff Magnum Classic
Davidoff Magnum Gold
Davidoff Nano Black
Davidoff Nano White
davidoff classic distributors

Davidoff - Classic


Davidoff Classic Cigarettes are known for their superior quality and distinctive flavor. Davidoff Classic cigarettes are indulgent and luxurious. Davidoff Classic Filters are an ideal choice when you’re looking for a cigarette with a touch of class. With a rich, strong flavor, you get the satisfying smoking experience that you have longed for. Create an air of prestige and style when you pull out this smart and stylish cigarette. Davidoff Classic Filters are known to be the most elegant cigarettes available on the market.

davidoff magnum distributors

Davidoff - Magnum


Davidoff Magnum Filter is truly a luxury cigarette that is made by a brand whose very name is associated with excellence, class and good taste. These are guaranteed to be unlike any cigarette you’ve smoked before. Made with carefully selected Virginia tobacco, each inhale of Davidoff Magnum Filter will send your taste buds soaring. A strong and flavorful smoke, this cigarette has to be experienced to be believed.

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