American Spirit Cigarette Brand Distributors


Gulf Tobacco is a Distributor of American Spirit Cigarettes Brand, buying locally from their respective authorized distributors worldwide. We are offering Competitive Price for the Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers of American Spirit Cigarette Brand. We are supplying all American Spirit Cigarettes Varieties available with the local authorized distributors which are divided into Four Types of Filter, Regular Filter, Medium Filter, Light Filter and Menthol Filter.

Natural American Spirit joins British American Tobacco new Strategic Portfolio of Priority Cigarette Brands. Natural American Spirit is an American Brand of Cigarette and Fine Tobacco products which are manufactured in the United States. Natural American Spirit offers various Types of Filter Cigarettes which are color coded to denote the nicotine and tar content. But the Nicotine and Tar contents which are released are altered by using different Filters and Cigarette paper. American Spirit also has a Perique Blend Filter Cigarette, which contains 10% Perique Tobacco, and an Organic Filter Cigarette, which contains Organic Tobacco.

Different Varieties of American Spirit Cigarettes

Regular Filter
Blue Pack with Regular Filter
Light Blue with Regular Filter
Maroon Pack with Organic Regular Filter
Medium Filter
Sage Pack with Medium Filter
Light Filter
Yellow Pack with Light Filter
Gold Pack with Organic Light Filter
Yellow White Pack with Ultra Light Filter
Menthol Filter
Green Pack with Menthol Filter
Green White Pack with Menthol Light Filter
american spirit blue distributors

American Spirit Blue


Natural American Spirit Blue makes with 100% additive free, premium tobacco without reconstituted tobacco and processed stems. American Spirit tobacco products pose difficult ethical challenges. The products are made of organic and natural tobacco and do not contain many of the harmful chemicals of other brands. The fact that American Spirit contains organic tobacco means that many smokers who use American Spirit products claim that the cigarettes are safer and better for smokers than the usual commercially available cigarettes.

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